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When Your Analysis is Wrong — A Lesson in Trading Psychology

Last night, I was look­ing for the mar­ket to react and begin to head lower today (see last post below).  That analy­sis turned out to be wrong. How do you sal­vage a trad­ing day when your analy­sis turns our to … Con­tinue read­ing

Webinar Today

I just fin­ished the slides for today’s webi­nar on Tops & Bot­toms. There are 60 slides cov­er­ing how to read a top and how to read a bot­tom.  I think you will like them.  We will have a thor­ough dis­cus­sion … Con­tinue read­ing

Coordinating Time Frames

One of the key skills in trad­ing the mar­kets by its own action is the skill of under­stand­ing struc­ture.  Some­one recently told me that they look solely at price and vol­ume; they con­sider struc­ture irrel­e­vant.  I can’t under­stand that atti­tude. … Con­tinue read­ing

Rally Dying?

Or is it just a pause? As we await another win­ter nor’easter here in south­ern New Eng­land we are try­ing to stay warm and fig­ure out what the likely next move of the mar­ket will be and how much snow we … Con­tinue read­ing

Big Morning Up

The S&P futures had a good run up this morn­ing. Just before the US Open, the mar­ket tested the overnight lows (T) and took off.  You can see the demand that came in off the US open, con­firm­ing the test … Con­tinue read­ing

Friday: A Stellar Trading Day

Today was one of the bet­ter trad­ing days.  The day started with a con­tin­u­a­tion of yes­ter­day afternoon’s down move.  The lows were reached just before the US open where a rise in vol­ume with lit­tle progress down fol­lowed by light … Con­tinue read­ing

Narrow Range Resolves with Volatility

As is often the case, the nar­row range day painted on Wednes­day led to increased volatil­ity yes­ter­day. Sev­eral traders emailed with fine exam­ples of trades made in the weak­ness. Nice job!   In Deep Prac­tice last night, we dis­cussed this weak­ness … Con­tinue read­ing

Today’s Trading

There was very good trad­ing in the S&P e-Minis today.  It was espe­cially good for a day after a hol­i­day. Sup­ply was evi­dent in the overnight mar­ket, as well as off the US open.  This allowed for an early short … Con­tinue read­ing

Friday’s Trades as Market Fell/Free Webinar

Thurs­day, Jan­u­ary 16, was a con­fined trad­ing day on light vol­ume.  Traders would be look­ing for upside devel­op­ment after this poten­tial test (see daily chart at A).  Had the test been imme­di­ately suc­cess­ful, new all-time highs in the S&Ps would … Con­tinue read­ing

Morning Sell-Off Ends with a Spring

Today was an inter­est­ing trad­ing day.  The mar­ket sold down from the overnight high. Although sell­ing was dom­i­nant dur­ing the early part of the US ses­sion, it wasn’t over­whelm­ing enough to trig­ger a trend day down.  The Weis Wave told … Con­tinue read­ing