1-on-1 with Dr. Gary

Dr. Gary works with you one on one to teach you how to integrate the mental skills to your technical skills so that you can trade with confidence and be able to apply your technical skills.  This is intensive, one-on-one work for highly motivated individuals. Personal coaching typically runs for three to six months with contact on a weekly schedule and email contact when needed.  This focuses on developing your ability to think and act like a successful trader while at the same time, reducing or eliminating the things that get in your way. 

We start by gaining a good understanding of you and your particular situation. Your unique constellation of characteristics, strengths, trading routine, trading situations that may cause you difficulties, and potential areas for growth and development will be clarified. You will be given pertinent feedback initially and throughout our working together. Most traders find this feedback personally helpful and immediately useful.

We will work intensely using proven methods and techniques that are applicable specifically to you and your unique needs in helping you reach your goals. Your performance will be tracked real-time. We use this important information fine tune our approach. With continuous feedback, you will be developing new knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be of benefit to your trading and even to your life. You will learn how to keep your focus on the market rather than on unwanted thoughts and potentially destructive emotions. You will also learn the fundamental steps that top traders, athletes, and other committed professionals use to achieve top performance and success. 

As your trading progresses, goals are met, and confidence improves we’ll review how the things that were holding you back have lessened their hold and how exactly you accomplished that.  We will focus on how you can take what you have learned from this experience into the future. Steps to be your own trading coach will be discussed in detail and we will develop a plan for you to use going forward.

Cost: $250/session. Eight sessions paid in advance is $1,600 (saving of 25%).  Change your quantity to get the discounts.

If you are interested in a 30-min free consultation with Dr. Gary, please enter your request, email address, and phone number or skype address in the comments field below.  Thanks.